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Working alongside other energy companies across Swansea to build and create cleaner renewable energy.

ESRI is housed on Swansea University’s new world class Bay Campus. ESRI provides an exceptional environment for delivering cutting edge research across energy and energy safety related disciplines with a focus on the following areas:

  • Hexagon Icon Inter-conversion of waste energy and resources - the conversion of excess and wasted energy via a range of energy vectors transformations (heat-to-electricity and electricity-to-hydrogen) providing enhancing flexibility of demand and supply.
  • Hexagon Icon Green hydrocarbon - reducing the environmental impact of hydrocarbon energy sources through enhanced production, reduced resource usage, and ensuring low environmental impact of production.
  • Hexagon Icon Carbon dioxide - defining solutions to the efficient separation, the conversion to useful feedstock, and the safe long-term sequestration of CO2.
  • Hexagon Icon The next generation of energy distribution - creating an internet of energy to allow for local generation and global sharing that enables everyone to have the potential to be a player in a one world energy scheme.

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The goal of RICE is to work with local supply chain companies to test how CO2 produced from heavy industrial processes can be innovatively used to make high value products and industrially important chemicals. Technologies to be tested will also explore the production of green hydrogen, which can be used to fuel cars, other modes of transport, and energy production processes, further helping to reduce our carbon footprint.

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