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Plastics & Packaging Sustainability. Waste Transformed.
BIO-ENERGY transforms waste into energy and value.

BIO-ENERGY transforms plastic and packaging waste, into energy or a re-usable products. Troublesome plastics can be transformed or chemically recycled via pyrolysis into valuable by-products to aid circular economy efforts.

  • Our specialised team looks forward to working with you towards minimising your plastic waste and associated costs.
  • Once the research and development into the reactor has been finalised, we can supply: Fuel Oil, Oil Gas, Carbon Black. These valuable resources can be supplied to meet your specific requirements and match your processes.
  • After stringent testing and validation of the reactor and all the ancillary processes have been successfully trialed can be purchased as modular units or specifically designed to meet your set requirements.

Above valuable services strategically complement global drive for greener, cleaner and environmentally friendly raw materials for polymers industry and provide potentially viable energy resource for energy intense industries and power generation plants.

According to numerous national and international Energy Agencies, global energy demand is set to grow by around 15-20% by 2030 (about 16 billion tons of oil equivalent per year). The usual oil and gas will still account for more than 50% of the overall demand in the future. Natural gas demand is rising across the world, with a predicted increase of 23%, about 4 billion tons of oil equivalent by 2030.

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