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BIO-ENERGY International aim to become world leaders in plastic waste to energy solutions.

Vision Statement

BIO-ENERGY international aim is to tackle world plastics crisis, by transforming plastic waste into reusable energy. Therefore ultimately decreasing plastic waste in oceans and landfills. Furthermore, to create alternative clean energy source in order to decrease the dependency on fossil fuels and to curb CO2 emissions in accordance to UK’s target of carbon net zero by the year 2050.

Core Values

  • Hexagon List Icon BioEnergy International Safety and Welfare for our workforce is number one priority.
  • Hexagon List Icon BioEnergy International To be the leading plastic to energy company utilising our unique process.
  • Hexagon List Icon BioEnergy International Operation excellence, to create safe and efficient working environment.
  • Hexagon List Icon BioEnergy International We continually evaluate the quality of our programs and services to ensure their efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Hexagon List Icon BioEnergy International To globally impact the plastic crisis and to protect natural habitats from plastic waste.
  • Hexagon List Icon BioEnergy International We create a work environment that values diversity, respect, sharing communication, locally, nationally and globally through our company and partners.
  • Hexagon List Icon BioEnergy International We value our staff for their institutional knowledge and celebrate their success, as well as provide opportunities for them to enhance their skills, knowledge, and abilities.

Our Teams & Associate Partners



Ferhan Rasul gained a reputation in the financial industry as an energetic, innovative, knowledgeable expert across the retail and venture capital sectors. His hands-on retail experience includes a 10-year leadership role as a director proprietor that built an extensive interactive client network.

His first entrepreneurial commercial venture saw Mr. Rasul build his business from plan to implementation. In his role as founder and managing director in this venture as well as similar roles for others, Ferhan has successfully implemented Human Resources strategies that successfully motivates and inspires employees to surpass company objectives.

With his innate leadership abilities along with his BA in Business Accounting & Finance from the University of South Wales, Ferhan Rasul can actively engage in business decisions by applying his intricate understanding of financial metrics.

Mr. Rasul shows a natural ability to analyze a business model, pinpoint its weaknesses and implement corrections utilizing his knowledge of financial metrics. He has adapted his in-depth knowledge of financial functions which include mortgage markets, investment vehicles and tax structure to perform extraordinary turn arounds for struggling enterprises.

Throughout his career, Ferhan has devised plans encompassing both financial and use of human resources that have turned failing companies into successful ones. Among his achievements in re-invigorating failing enterprises, Mr. Rasul instituted a plan to streamline a retail operation. Executing a plan that realigned the administration’s focus and improving the organization’s hierarchy structure to support the workforce he was able to increase annual sales by 52%.

In another three-year stint that Mr. Rasul undertook as financial planning specialist, he implemented strategic realignments of resources and personnel to turn a company’s £18,000 loss into a £120,000 annual profit.

As a Director for Food 4 Thought, Ltd, from 2008-2011, Ferhan took on the project of identifying capital investments, human resources realignment and product sourcing that revived the structural financial soundness of 2 supermarkets. He achieved successful reinvention for Food 4 Thought, Ltd by combining his financial skills with his innate ability to connect the data points of financial goals with his execution abilities of personal human interactions.

Throughout his career that combines a spirit of entrepreneurship, venture capital as well as a deep understanding of capital markets, Ferhan has gained a reputation as a highly astute professional with an intrinsic acumen for business that combines financial skills with human resource innovations.

He has successfully guided commercial business owners and clients on planning goals to achieve maximum sales, investment return, as well as laying the groundwork for growth through asset utilization. Mr. Rasul to act on behalf of his clients as a liaison to banks, investors along with venture capitalist to obtain more than £5m in funding.

In obtaining the funding for his clients as a commercial financial adviser and broker, Ferhan works closely with them to identify their needs while obtaining optimum solutions and market availability for their funding. Mr. Rasul has actively engaged with the venture capital markets as a commercial lender introducer at a top financial services firm from 2010-2012.

Combining his abilities in retail sales with his love of the financial industry, Ferhan was the Partner - Director at Trend Transformations, a commercial home builder and renovator from 2012-2018.

His love for travel, history and ecology now finds Mr. Rasul at the cusp of a new venture where his aim is to tackle the global disaster of plastic waste by utilizing local recycling innovations. In his role with Bio- Energy International Ltd, a plastics waste materials management company specializing in gasification and energy sources, Ferhan Rasul envisions a plan to engage local, national and international municipalities in properly recycle plastics.

In his newest quest to maintain the ecology of the world he loves to travel, Mr. Rasul is seeking to capitalize on an opportunity to evaluate the economics of recycling municipal plastic waste in Wales.

Ferhan Rasul is committed to utilizing his financial strategies coupled with innovative technologies to make it possible for plastics recycling to begin locally. This will address and eventually eliminate the current financially and ecologically wasteful system of bundling and shipping plastic wastes throughout the world. 

Mr. Rasul looks forward to furthering innovations in the plastics waste management sector that will be an easily replicated model locally around the world. He is committed to implementing the scientific, financial and human resources that are necessary to make this plan a working reality. In addressing the global catastrophic implications of plastic waste on the environment and climate, Ferhan Rasul is intent on leading the way to solutions that are financially feasible along with being an ecological asset to the world. 

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SHK Abdulla Al Thani a Swansea University Alumni graduated in 2018 with a bachelor degreein finance. Though Passionate in Finance SHK Abdulla is keen on promoting our moral responsibility towards the planet through green finance. By introducing investment and businesses opportunities that are economically beneficial with a positive impact on the environment through sustainable waste management methods.

As a fresh graduate SHK Abdulla is eager to make his mark in the professional world. He has worked as a business development officer in the Family business studying sustainable and profitable business opportunities in variety of industries. His studies of different industries has helped SHK Abdulla to acquire ample business knowledge and experience. Furthermore SHK Abdulla is a senior management reporting analyst in Qatar Petroleum a renowned Oil and Gas establishment.


Founder and Director of ESRI Ser Cymru Chair

  • Trophy Award Icon Applied Inorganic Chemistry Medal - 2013
  • Trophy Award Icon World Technology Award - 2011
  • Trophy Award Icon Lifetime Achievement Award in Nanotechnology - 2011
  • Trophy Award Icon Price of Wales Visiting Innovator - 2009
  • Trophy Award Icon Welch Foundation Norman Hackerman Award - 2002

Research Topics

  • Hexagon List Icon BioEnergy International Nanotechnology: energy and environmental applications.
  • Hexagon List Icon BioEnergy International Carbon capture and sequestration: water free stimulation, very large scale decarbonisation.
  • Hexagon List Icon BioEnergy International Solar energy: quantum dot cells, AR coatings.
  • Hexagon List Icon BioEnergy International Water: non-fouling membranes, produced water treatment, humanitarian water treatment and metal recovery.
  • Hexagon List Icon BioEnergy International Electrical transmission: CNT quantum wire, selective growth of CNTs.
  • Hexagon List Icon BioEnergy International Energy policy: Shale oil and gas, hydraulic fracturing, water resources, solar technology.

Knowledge Transfer Activities

  • Hexagon List Icon BioEnergy International Technology for geological CO2 sequestration.
  • Hexagon List Icon BioEnergy International Chemical processes for solar cell manufacture.
  • Hexagon List Icon BioEnergy International Mobile filtration units for oil industry.
  • Hexagon List Icon BioEnergy International Water treatment and metal removal for humanitarian applications.




Dr. Khan, has over 20 years of mixed industrial and academic experiences. He started his carrier with Defence Science Technology Laboratory (Ministry of Defence UK) as a research Scientist. Progressing to Australia working at RESMED as a quality and design engineer. Returning to UK, completing his PhD in Materials Engineering at Swansea University and later joining the University as Technology Transfer Fellow contributing to research in metallurgy, corrosion inhibition, batteries technology and water treatment. He is currently a project manager for an industry facing work based learning program, Project METaL, within the college of Engineering, Swansea University.

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