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A future-ready heat treatment solution can eliminate the need for landfill; reduce carbon emissions; cut volume of waste, raw material and energy costs; and elevate your CSR. This is not just a better way to manage waste. It is a transformative one.

Who We Are

We offer a global and sustainable solution to help prevent plastic pollution, by transforming plastic waste into a valuable resource.

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Our Goals

Cost Savings

BIO-ENERGY can reduce your total waste management costs, reduce your energy costs and liberate materials with important financial value. Ask us for a bespoke ROI calculation for your business or organisation.


BIO-ENERGY team are developing a process that has the most technical and commercial potential.

Typically, the pyrolysis and catalytic depolymerization process are limited in scale by the need for external heating of the material to be treated. This means that it is difficult to build these plants with a capacity of more than about 1,000kg/h per individual process unit; thus for sites processing larger tonnages, several units running in parallel are needed adding to investment and operational cost.

BIO-ENERGY are finetuning a fluidized bed reactor process that has a relatively low capital cost and relatively high yield resulting in potentially economic viable process.

Critical Environmental Benefits

Our specialised heat treatment typically reduces volumes of waste by 90-95%. Eliminating vehicle movements associated with waste removal and energy offsetting can deliver large carbon reductions. The overall process has a very low emissions profile.

Our Partners & Associates

Working alongside other energy companies across Swansea to build and create cleaner renewable energy.

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